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Saturday, March 19, 2011


My seeds have finally started arriving. I got 135 started. I am going to have to set up another grow station so I can get more started.

Brussel Sprouts - 9
Chile de Arbel - 5
California Wonder Green Peppers - 4
Sweet Banana Peppers - 9
Ancho Chili - 4
Sweet Pickle Peppers - 2 (These are a test, haven't had them before)
Matina Tomatoes - 3 (Small, early tomato)
Rocky Tomatoes - 9 (Paste tomato)
Super Italian Paste - 9
Virginia Sweets Tomatoes - 5
Rutgers Tomatoes - 4
Cabbage - 72 (I plan to make lots of saurkraut, or at least try)

Plans -
The chilis will be dried. The anchos are great when making tamales. The chiles will be ground and used for spicing up anything.
The brussel sprouts will be eaten fresh and if any are left they will be frozen. I plan to start more seeds in two weeks and again two weeks later. This will spread the harvest out. Our favorite way to eat them is fresh, placed on a cookie sheet and drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt and fresh ground paper. Place in oven on 350 until done. I think it's usually 15-20 minutes.
The green peppers will be dehydrated for storing and adding to soups and other dishes. If they reach a good size I will probably make porcupines for a meal or two.
The banana peppers are a great condiment. I will remove the seeds, slice them in rings and can them. These can be used on sandwiches, salads, and I also use them when I make Ham-fried rice, a family favorite.
Paste tomatoes - catsup, spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce.
Cherry tomatoes - fresh for salads and snacking, sun-dried for year round use.
Tomatoes - canned tomatoes for chili and other recipes.
Cabbage - sauerkraut, fresh and cooked with meals, cole slaw. I will do a later planting and store those for the winter.
Sweet Pickle Peppers - this plant has several colors of peppers that I will can for fun.

Mrs. B

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